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Your Partner in NewSpace


NewSpace Firm is a leading consultancy firm specializing in space law, regulation and policy.

Just like you, we dream big, love challenges and going where no one has gone before.

With years of experience in commercial NewSpace activities, we are ready to help you with anything and everything space law: Contracts, regulatory authorizations, legal opinions, reports and studies, training, strategy and space insurance advice. ​

Launching a satellite, going to the Moon, flying an aerospace plane, extracting natural resources, removing space debris, making pharmaceuticals, growing food in space and more: we will help you navigate through the legal and regulatory knowns and unknowns in space, and negotiate any type of commercial contract.

Contact us, so you can focus on your technology, change the world, and beyond.

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About Us

The NewSpace Firm is founded and owned by Dr. Neta Palkovitz, a leading expert in space law and the NewSpace market.

Dr. Palkovitz is a qualified attorney since 2009, and has been working in the global space industry for over 10 years. She has been advising various early stage start-ups, served as General Counsel to established leading NewSpace companies (Isispace Group) and managed contracts and bidding projects on a senior level at established aerospace companies (Airbus Defence and Space).

Aside of practicing space law and giving regulatory advice, she earned her LLM and PhD from the International Institute of Air and Space Law (IIASL) at Leiden University, The Netherlands. She is the author of the book “Regulating a Revolution: Small Satellites and the Law of Outer Space” and various publications in professional academic journals. She has been teaching Space Law and Policy at Leiden University and currently teaches at Tel Aviv University.

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